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At the Museum

The museum will be open, during the summer months, Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. By prior appointment only, at other times.


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  1. How far back does your history of the school go as far as the names of the kids that went there…..like 1930’s???? Would love to see if and when my dad Raymond Lowery went there if the records in the museum goes back that far….especially with pictures.

  2. Just came by the museum while visiting from out of state. I was disappointed to find it closed tiday (Saturday), since it says above, “The museum is open every Saturday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.” It would be good to have the actual hours posted here at the top (including seasonal variations) so we can plan accordingly. Thanks very much!

    1. It’s a most disappointing situation! The OKC public school system got a new superintendent a few months ago, and now the association has no access to the building unless some employee of the system is present to unlock the alarm system. And with the budget cuts imposed, working on weekends is minimized. Currently, we’re SOMETIMES able to arrange access by making an advance appointment, but that’s not predictable. I’ll suggest that we change the sign, but things change so often that keeping it up to date may not be possible.

  3. I live about 2700 miles from the City, but I will be there next week for 4 days May 11-14 and would like to visit museum. I could be there anytime Saturday (or any other day)). Will it be open or could I schedule a visit?

    1. Robert Smith ’52, did you receive a response to your enquiry? Believe me, we on the board who take care of the museum are concerned and at times we are unable to open the door since it remains part of the high school building.
      Jann Jeffrey ’59

    1. The museum is in the southeast corner of the original building, with its own entrance. There’s a large “Alumni Museum” sign carved into the facade of its small entryway.

      However during the school year, it’s open only by appointment or during alumni events such as reunions. To schedule a visit, contact any of the current officers (listed elsewhere on this site, and on the inside back cover of every issue of the New Classen Life).

  4. We’ve got our 50 yr reunion coming in a few months and was wondering if the Museum had copies of the Classen Life for the class of 66?

    1. Association president Bob Tracy was notified by the Oklahoma City school authorities on the morning of June 6, 2016, that neither air conditioning nor electricity will be available at the Classen building during weekends for the remainder of June. Thus the Alumni Museum will NOT be open as scheduled. We regret this very much, but the situation is beyond our control.

      Because of this, no reunion during June will be able to visit the Museum. We have no information yet about the remainder of the summer months.

  5. I have been waiting for the museum to open.
    I am hoping that there is a copy of the yearbook Orbits for the year 1969.

    If you have a copy, please let me know.



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