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This section of our web site includes material reprinted from our quarterly magazine, the New Classen Life, and we invite your comments. We also invite you to tell us about your memories of Classen days, and carry on conversations here with other Comets.

11 responses on Memories

  1. I have another friend shown in the 1947 class picture that I would like to find out about. Her name is Carolyn Biles. If you have any info about her I would appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Looking forward to another reunion of the Class of 1973! Plans are in the making for September 2018. Want to reach as many graduates as possible!

  2. I was active in the drama and speech department. I loved the state contests and the plays we put on at Classen. Although I have moved around a lot since those days, I still have found memories of Oklahoma City and Classen.

    1. Barbara, I don’t know if this will reach you, but I was happy to see this online on the CHS Alumni website. I’ve thought of you so often and hope all is well with you.

  3. Being apart of the band I think back and remember how cold it would be during the football games. We would have to perform no matter how cold and miserable your hands got. Mr. Johnson demanded our best and he meant it… Many funny incidents of Mr. Johnson chastising us for not perform our best. Also great memories were going to track meets with my brother.

    1. I really remember Mr Johnson well. I played trombone in the marching band as well as in the concert band. If we were late for practice, we had to run a ‘belt line’ – today probably prohibited – but one day Mr Johnson was late AND he had to run the belt line. Unfortunately, someone tripped him and he fell and broke a leg, BUT, he never complained and never tried to find out who tripped him!!! What a man!!! What a great band director!!!

      Range Cloyd
      Fontanestrasse 2 25451 Quickborn Germany

      Hello to all the bandsmen (and women) still living – would love to hear from you!

      1. Range, Burke Young here. I played the tuba in both bands. Attended a North Texas reunion back in October of 2017. Phil Silvernail was there. As I recall he played the French horn, and still does. Is very active in the Arlington, Texas music world. Used to see Bruce Johnson(trumpet) when I worked in downtown Dallas. Just rejoined the Classen Alumni group after long absents.

  4. I was able to sing under the direction of Earl Wilhoit at Classen. When visiting with my step brother, Jerry Dillon in Tulsa years later I met with Earl’s pianist from the Fred Warring corale. Small world.

    1. Dean, I don’t know what year you graduated, but you mention a stepbrother in Tulsa. Do you happen to have any Canfield relatives in Tulsa? One of my classmates at Lincoln School in 1942-44 was Bryce (aka Buddy) Canfield. His older brother was Benny Canfield.

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