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While we hope eventually to make it possible to join our association on-line via credit or debit cards, at present you'll have to mail us your dues check together with an application form. Dues are $20/year and that includes the four issues of The New Classen Life. Make your check payable to Classen Alumni Association and mail it to the address listed on the application form.

Choices For Downloading

Below we provide you choices for downloading our membership application form. The first choice provides you with a PDF (Portable Document Format) file to view, print, or download. Most computers built in the last 15 years include built-in readers for PDF files. You can download a copy to your computer while viewing it, or can print it.

The exact methods for doing this vary, depending on your specific computer system. Most built-in PDF readers, however, have a set of help screens to tell you how to use them. If you have trouble viewing it, you may need to download and install a free PDF reader, Click here to download the reader.

1. PDF Application Form: Click here to view the application form. Note that some browsers simply download the file instead of displaying it. If nothing seems to happen, search your computer for a file named "Classen_App_2015" which may have a suffix of ".PDF" but may not.

For those who do not want to download the PDF file or reader, and who have Microsoft Word® on their computers, the second choice allows you to open the file in Word.

2. Alternate Application Form: Click here to open the Word document file for the form, if you prefer not to download the PDF reader AND you have Microsoft Word (any version since Word 2000) or any fully compatible word processing program on your computer. You can then print a copy or save the file for printing later.

TIP: write down the folder into which you save the file, along with the NAME of the file, so that you can find it later!

2 responses on Join Us

  1. How do I send the dues? I don’t have a valid checking account for the USA. Do you accept cash? (Iknow it’s risky to send by mail but I would do so if necessary.

    Bes greetings from Germany,

    Range Cloyd

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