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Other Related Sites

On this page we've provided links to other locations on the web that may be of special interest to Comets regardless of their class year or whether they attended "Old Classsen" or the more recent CSAS.  If you know of more, use the Contact Form page to tell us about them, and if we agree with you, they'll be added here.

Doug Matheny has posted a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QVwbe02Fuo showing the group photo for the 60th reunion of the Class of 1953 being set up in June 2013.

Leon DeSpain '60 maintains a site at http://www.classen1960.com for all his 1960 classmates, where you'll find photos of their reunions and each member of the class has an individual page.

Conrad Masterson '61 has built a site at http://classen1961.org/ for the Class of 1961.

A commercial site at http://www.allhighschools.com/school/classen-high-school/1000000233 can be used to search for classmates. We have not evaluated, nor do we endorse, such sites. We merely let you know that they exist. Be extremely cautious about visiting any web page whose reputation you do not know.

Classen School of Advanced Studies Facebook Page:  https://facebook.com/pages/Classen-School-of-Advanced-Studies/105635939470834

Joe Morgan '55 has built a site at https://facebook.com/groups/classenhighschoolalumni/ for the Classen High School Alumni Association

Joe Morgan '55 has built a site at https://www.facebook.com/groups/122505504493364/ for the Class of 1955