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New User Welcome

Thank you for registering as a member of our www.classenalums.org web site. Here's a quick description of the features currently available to you. This page will appear automatically only the first few times you visit, but you can reach it at any time by using the “Site Tools” link under the main menu item “Help.”

Logging In

To log in, you must use the address www.classenalums.org/wp-login.php to visit the site. Most web browser programs let you set bookmarks so that you need not remember the address; we recommend that you do so. Many also provide the ability to remember your password, which is also quite useful.

You do not need to be logged in to leave messages or fill out any of the forms available, but if you would like to submit recollections for the “Memories” page then it's necessary. The site must know who you are before allowing such contributions. Use the “Contact Us” form to ask for the special permission needed to contribute material.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar
The Toolbar (click to enlarge)

When you log in, you will see a black "toolbar" across the top of your screen. It does not appear when you simply visit. At the right-hand end of the toolbar, you'll see a greeting from the site, and a down-arrow triangle that when clicked shows a menu that shows your display name, your user name, allows you to edit your site profile, and to log out. It may also show other choices if you have requested any special permissions.

Editing Your Profile
Editing Your Profile (click to enlarge)

If you choose the "Edit my profile" item, you'll go to a new screen that allows you to change almost anything about your site options except your User Name. The User Name cannot be changed, since it's the only way the site keeps track of your activities.

We encourage you to fill in the area that asks for a brief biography of you; this will make it possible for your classmates to catch up with you after all these years.

If you are active in any social networks such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or the like, you can also provide links to them on this screen. And if you maintain a personal web page as some of us do, listing it here will provide a link to it from any comment or article you submit to this site.

The Main Menu

When you log in to, or simply visit, the site you will see a Zoom feature (identified as “+100%-”) in the upper left hand corner of the page, and seven links across the top of the page that provide the main menu for the site.

The Zoom feature allows you to change the size of the type on the website pages to fit your own preferences. If you have trouble reading the text, you can click on the plus sign (+) to enlarge the fonts to make them more legible. The minus sign makes the text smaller. After sizing the fonts to your satisfaction, you’re now ready to begin navigating the website by clicking on the links in the main menu.

Let’s start with the first one, “About.” Moving the mouse pointer over this link will display a sub-menu that lets you learn about Classen’s 95-year history. This page is the normal entry point to the site, whether you log in or simply visit the site without bothering to go through the log-in process.

The sub-menu of the next link, “Recent Happenings,” displays two more links, “At The Museum” and “At CSAS.” “At The Museum” reveals the latest news at the Alumni Museum, and “At CSAS” has stories about the Classen School of Advanced Studies, the successor to our high school.

Moving on to “Our Officers,” you will find a listing of all current officers of the Alumni Association, with their addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

The next link, “Activities,” displays a sub-menu with four additional links: “Coming Class Reunions,” "All-Class Gatherings,” “The New Classen Life,” and “Other.” These are all fairly self-explanatory.

Next in the main menu is “Memories,” where past articles from the New Classen Life are posted. Readers are invited to share their memories of Classen High School for inclusion here.

The “Membership” link's sub-menu displays “Alumni Lookup,” “Add or Update Your Information,” and “Join Us.” On the Alumni Lookup page, you may type in either the class year or a specific classmate’s name, to search for a classmate or other Classen alumni. Please note that only Classen graduates with email addresses known to us will be shown, so if you’ve never given us your email address you need to do so if you want other classmates to find you.

The next item in the sub-menu, “Add or Update Your Information,” is the place to add or update your information, such as your mailing address, phone number(s) or email address. Your entries in the form here will be passed on to the Executive Secretary to update our database.

The “Join Us” link of the sub-menu allows you to obtain a form for joining the Alumni Association from your computer. At present, we have no way to complete the sign-up process on-line so you must complete the form and mail it to us. We hope to simplify this, in the future.

Back at the main menu, the “Contact Us” link displays a form you can use at any time you have questions. You can also fill in the form to leave your comments or feedback about the website or about the New Classen Life.

And last, but certainly not least, is the “Help” link. Its sub-menu contains only two items. “Site Tools” takes you to a page that describes tools (including this page) available on the site to help you make better use of its features, and “Return to front page” takes you back to the “About” page that is the normal entry point to the site. This completes our “crash course” in Website 101. Now relax and enjoy our company.

In Conclusion

We are still developing this new site and will welcome any and all comments from you. Almost every page contains a form titled “What do you think?” near the bottom of the screen, that you can use to comment on the content of the page or simply to tell us of any problem or request. Please use this capability freely – the more feedback we receive from you, the better we will be able to make this site.