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These links provide tools that may help you to use our site more comfortably.

We have a list of "frequently asked questions" (often called an FAQ list) that may provide more specific help for you.

We encourage everyone to register with the site; it costs nothing and we do not provide your information to anyone else. Registration isn't required in order to make full use of the site, but doing so enables us to grant you additional privileges such as submitting your own posts, adding memories of your Classen days, or becoming a volunteer member of our web staff or part of The New Classen Life crew.

To become a registered user of these pages, add a comment to this page; an administrator will add you to the group within a few hours. Immediately after you are registered as a user, you will receive an email message that allows you to complete the process and then automatically go to a "Welcome" screen that introduces the main features available. You can access this Welcome screen at any subsequent time by clicking here.

Most web browsers have a feature called RSS that can receive notification of new postings from web sites to which you've subscribed. If you would like to subscribe to our RSS feed for new postings, click here. If you'd also like to know of new comments posted, click here.

To change the size of all content on the screen, use the "+ 100% -" buttons at the top of each page.

Authorized association staff members may use this link to perform system maintenance.

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    1. In the years from 1928 to 1985, the school graduated more than 23,800 alumni. No, it’s not possible to view all those names on this site. Only those who are still alive and who have chosen to share their e-mail addresses with us can be viewed on-line.

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