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Help Us Decide, Please

The Classen High School Alumni Association is always looking for ways to reach the more recent graduates. While it may appear that the group seems to be run by those from the 40s and 50s, the only reason for this  is that so few alumni from post-1955 classes join the association and take active roles.

One of those ways they’re exploring is that of making it possible for younger alumni, used to doing almost everything on-line via their tablets and smart phones, to join us and pay their dues via the Internet.

Our web site at classenalums.org can easily have that capability. However, adding it may lead to quite a bit of additional work on the part of our staff, and does incur a bit of additional cost. Keeping track of income received over the web via credit card and satisfying auditors (which we must do to retain our non-profit status) becomes difficult, and the credit card folk do charge a discount which means our income through such a source would be slightly smaller.

In addition, many of the older members on the association board are somewhat distrustful of all business dealings via the Internet. Horror stories of hacker attacks and virus infestation appear on TV almost every week, although most such reports are vastly over-emphasized. If one is careful when using the Internet, it’s quite easy to escape all the reported problems.

Consequently, the association officers are asking for YOUR opinion on the proposal.We have three questions for you:

If we were to make such a capability available, would you use it in preference to writing a check and putting it into the mail every year?

And if you still have not joined or paid your current dues, would the ability to do so “on line” make it more attractive for you to do so?

In your opinion, is such convenience worth the trouble it may bring to the staff?

Please let us know your feelings on this. You can leave us messages on our web site; from the menu line that appears on its initial screen, select “Contact Us” and type away. If you don’t use a computer, tablet, or smart phone, drop us a postcard or letter. The address is on the back cover.

We hope to get enough response to  determine whether to proceed with this idea, or to simply drop it and look for other ways to gain interest from the Classes of 1956 through 1985, in addition to those from CSAS.

Feel free to share this on your favorite social media. We'd like to reach all surviving Comets, regardless of their communication preferences. Thanks for your attention!