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Author: Jim Kyle '48 (NCL Editor)

Classen class of 1948, B.A. (Journalism) from OU 1952. Artillery observer 1952-54. Reporter 1954-59. Industry tech writer 1959-63. Freelance writer 1963-65. Back to industry 1965-1990. Software developer 1990-present. For more detail, go to www.jimkyle.com.

Rackin’ Around

By Jim Kyle, ‘48 This memory appeared in the Fall 2008 issue of the New Classen Life. TV hadn’t yet arrived. Movies were for weekends only. So how did we amuse ourselves in those dim dark ages of the late 40’s and 50’s? For many of us, it was by rackin’ around. It was a game played with cars and had only a few rules. Basically, it involved a carload of girls driving around the […]