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Coming Class Reunions

For 2018

1948       70th; Friday, June 22, in OKC. Contact George Orr at goclocks48@att.net

1973       45th; Saturday. September 15, at the Oklahoma City Zoo's Canopy Room. Contact John Long at jhlong1255@att.net, Tom Russell at tomrussellokc@yahoo.com, or Sherleen Harris Jackson at Sherleen.jackson@cox.net to make reservations.

Others   No known plans at this time

Regular Mini-Reunions

1954       Fifth Wednesday (May 30, August 29), 11:30 AM. Johnnie’s on Britton Rd. Call Kay Neuffer Lindsey 405-751-1490 or kayinokc@cox.net, or Suzie Wilson Fentriss 405-720-7855 or sfentriss@aol.com.

1954       Boys’ Monthly Luncheon. Call Jim Barnett, 405-703-0203, for time and place.

1957       Third Friday every month, 12:30 PM, location varies, Contact Judie Cardwell, 405-722-6579.

1958       Second Saturday, 6 PM at Johnnie’s on Northwest Highway. Other classes are welcome.

1963       Second Wednesday, every month, 11:30 AM, location to be announced. Contact Pam Stottman: 405-670-9383 or carseatlady@yahoo.com.

1964-65 Second Friday, every month, 11:30 AM, at Toby Keith’s Bricktown. If attending, contact Ron Perkins, oklavette00@cox.net.

1967       Boys Night Out, Second Thursday every month, 6 PM, at The Garage, Britton Rd. and May Ave. Contact Phil Owens, 405-373-9033.

1967       Girls Night Out, Second Thursday every month, 6 PM, location varies. Contact Wilma Vick McDaniel, 405-250-5846, e-mail, classen67@cox.net.

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