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This area of our web site provides a brief overview of the site itself, of the Classen High School Alumni Association, and a compressed history of the school building together with the four different institutions that it has housed in the past 95 years. Select the area you want to see, from the menu at the top of the page, or by clicking the links here.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Did you know Robert Kent Phillips? Or “Bob Phillips”?

    He is my late father… any memories you can share? I would love to read them! He graduated in 1961. Passed away 7/15/15 in Guthrie.

  2. We lost our beloved editor, Jim Kyle, of the New Classen Life this past Monday, October 28. Jim was responsible for editing and publishing an excellent magazine for his Alma mater, The New Classen Life. Jim will truly be missed. Below is Jim’s obituary as it appeared in the Oklahoman today, November 1, 2019. The funeral home has a link at the end of the obituary you can copy and paste into your browser’s address line if you wish to offer condolences to the family.
    For your information.
    Joe Morgan – Classen High School Alumni Association
    1931 – 2019
    Published in The Oklahoman on Nov. 1, 2019
    James William “Jim” Kyle Jr. passed Monday, Oct. 28, 2019, at his home in Oklahoma City, OK. He was born on March 17, 1931, in Stillwater, OK to James and Verna Kyle. Jim’s career encompassed a wide array of experiences, including a stint as a staff reporter/photographer for The Oklahoman/Times, writing manuals for the Atlas Missile program and authoring numerous articles and books.

    He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Joanne; three sons, five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

    A Memorial Service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019, at the Mercer-Adams Funeral Home in Bethany. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be directed to the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City (www.cityrescue.org/donate). To share a memory or condolence, please visit http://www.mercer-adams.com
    James “Jim” Kyle, Jr.
    March 17, 1931 – Oct. 28, 2019

    1. Her sister, Kim, is on Facebook. She goes by Elise Rinta. If you search for her name in quotes you can easily find posts she has participated in. She has posted pics from that time, a family portrait and a picture of the swimming tank in the back yard.

  3. I can’t believe how much I miss the people I graduated with so many have passed on, like Judy Frisby we e-mailed all the time and he kept me up to date on things. I really miss her and having someone keep me up to date. Last November I had a heart attack then fluid in my lungs Christmas day back to hospital. I’m too tough of an okie to go easy. I love life. I do wish I knew how Ed Bowlby passed. We were very good friends but lost touch. Choir was great to me and John Holt. Love you all those were good days. Oh yes I graduated 1957

    1. Hello Billye; So glad you’re better and not letting those situation concerning your health get you down. I was just reading the different messages on here and thought I would let you know from one Comet to another I hope your classmates respond and I’m wishing you good health.

      1. Cheryl thank you so much for replying to my comments. I really enjoyed going to school there and a good group of teachers and classmates. I am 80 years old and sure don’t feel like it. I do wish I’d hear from someone in my grouping 1957. Probably busy.

  4. I’m looking to see if anyone knows Sue Goforth… believe she would have been class of 1960-1962. She dated a guy named Ronnie Roberts… and he went to Midwest city high school, graduated in or around 1960

  5. Hello, I recently found a book from Classen high in 1948. The book I found is called “Temas Espanoles” and it belonged to a Suzie Hunter. The teacher was Von Tungeln I believe. This is the school it belonged to and I was just curious if anyone knows a Suzie Hunter.

  6. Class of 71
    I work for KOMA and KOXO and 104.1 KMGL for 19 years i love being in radio and driving race car from 1971 to 2001

  7. Hi, I graduated from Classen in 1979. I served in the Oklahoma Army National Guard from 1981-2007 26 yrs.. I retired and work at the okla. VA Medical Center. I played drums in high school and still play today. Also was wondering do you all sell t-shirt there. Would like to get one.

    1. Hi Gregory White; we were in the band together. I’m sooo glad to see people online. Have you been to the museum yet??? You need to go while we got it available. It’s something to see. I’m very proud of it because not all schools have a museum to go and seek information or take their children to see that part of our there lives. Classes that have reunions donate things they have left. Right now there are not any. You Class will be having an All Class reunion September 21, 2019. Depending on the ticket sales there may be TShirts available. Please support if you are able.

  8. Hello to all of the 1972 graduates. I have been looking for an online version of the 1972 Orbit but have not yet found one. I live in Yukon and have lived in San Diego but I still love the area around Classen high more than any other neighborhood I have ever lived in. My name was Dede Hughes.

  9. Was a comet from 80-84 wasn’t able to walk a graduation 🙁 I dated a girl named carol in the 9-10 th grade was wondering how her live turned out ?

  10. I was a 1980 Classen Graduate and am trying to find Allison Simcox. I love our reunions and your museum is great. Thanks for all your hard work to keep it alive. My name then was Perri Wilson and I now live in Laverne, OK.

  11. I was graduated from Classen High in 1965. I find some of my classmates on the Internet. I tried to connect on Facebook with my main squeeze for pretty much all of my senior year. She would not accept my friend request. Apparently she and her sister not revolve around their church. Funny coincidence is that she married another guy named Gary. I really loved Arlene Slonecker. Her girl friends called her Slow Necker. LOL She broke my heart a few weeks before graduation. My main Lady from my junior year disappeared from my life and Classen in the summer of 1964. I located her niece in January 2008. I found out that Ellie, My Bouncy Bouncy had died in 2004 of cancer. In my junior year Eleanor Parkhurst and I were inseparable at school. I put up a Page on Facebook dedicated to Ellie, My Bouncy Bouncy. I wrote a poem about Ellie and me. I did not know many of my classmates very well. I was working sixty hours a week while attending Classen. I went on to work 80 hours a week for 5 1/2 years while I earned my Bachelor Of Science in Accounting at the University Of Central Oklahoma. At that time it was Central State University. I made the President’s Honor Roll or the Dean’s Honor Roll every semester at the university. My teachers, Mrs. Deanna Sheppard and Mrs. Julia McPheeters, had wanted me to become a teacher. I decided against that. I worked in certified public accounting, as a business consultant and the chief financial officer of several companies. In 1977 I relocated to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Yep, I am an Okie deserter. LOL

    1. Hi, I am looking for Dennis Jones. He would have graduated around 66, he is my father. If you know anything about him, please email. Thanks!!

  12. I graduated from Classen HS in 1938 and am now 961/2 yrs young. With an OU BSEE, I had 50 yrs experience in important work (34 government and 16 in industry and academia.) In parallel vocations, I am Master Tennis Professional in the USPTA and made its Mid-Atlantic Division Hall of Fame. I have written my first tennis and drafter a second book on engineering experience thru space shuttle on-orbit servicing after last 29 years at the NASA/GSFC at retirement. About three years ago, a doctor said before his retirement that I should make 100 if I take care of myself. He wants an invitation to that birthday party. See what you get for attending Classen High School in OKlahoma City! Unfortunately, my wife, Ruth G. Davis, passed away 6/29/17 after a full life with three children and opportunity to be an aid to a congresswoman for seven years and later working with seniors for 17 years before her second retirement.

    1. Hello I have gotten a 1952 highest boy gradient coin 1952 name Charles ray key my name is petrina my number is 505 208-9046 I’m in albq new Mexico I seen on our web site that that u were missing 1952 coin

    2. Hello Mr. Davis; What a pleasure to hear your awesome accomplishments. Have you sent this information to Jim Kyle alone with a photo? It is indeed good history for all the comets to see! Thank You so much for sharing.


  13. I just discovered this page. It is wonderful!! My husband, Joe H. Pitts ’45 and I, Mary Margaret Petillo Pitts ’46 have moved to Springdale, AR from Tulsa and my Classen Life did not get forwarded. I am sending in my renewal and lookiing forward to all the news of dear Classenites again. Thanks for the good work! Margaret

    1. Hi Mrs. Pitt;
      Are you on the Classen Alumni facebook page? Where you or your husband in the military? If so, we are doing a new project with the NCL Magazine recognizing comets that have served in any military service. All you would have to do is send a picture to Jim Kyle with a short blog of your career in the armed service. Thanks for staying in touch and supporting.

      1. Thanks Cheryl. I have just started Facebook so don’t know what there is on it yet. Yes, Joe was in the service twice. I will get the details of his service and a picture to Jim if he wants them. I mentioned this in the Arkansas article I just wrote for NCL next issue. I will contact Jim.

  14. Hellio I’d graduated so from the cLassen seniors/of 1981.im seeing four things Ums? W is Tj bohannon moms phone number she was in my 1981 group no urgently trying get ahold of her her older mom Darline .see Iff she or her mom look up see hers and.?whens ours 81 reouin planneds Iff Darline griffin comes James prob will have bring her to the reouin my phone textCall Mary Henson at 1-405-496-6456 thanks have a great day sincerly grad of class 1981 🙂 Mary h.

  15. I have some items from my Mom’s things She graduated from Classen High in 1941.
    Thought the Alumni Assoc. may want it, or possibly the school.
    If the alumni assoc. wants it, please email me with the address.
    Apparently she was quite social and belonged to several clubs.

  16. I am looking for a yearbook photo of Charles Bagley. He would have graduated somewhere between 1950 and 1953. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

  17. The 1972 Classen High graduates are having a get together this weekend. For information contact Brenda Grogan Wolfley, 405 570-2736

  18. Please advise on how to relay information related to an alum which might be included in the New Classen Life publication. Thank you for your response.

  19. I am trying to find records or a picture of my birth mother Dorothy F Kelley. She attended Classen HS in the late twenties or early thirties. Can you help?

      1. I’m wondering who is still around from my class of 1948. I was in the pep club and BVG sorority.

    1. This is the Classen High School Alumni Association for ALL classes from Classen. If you want to know anything about your class, go to the Alumni Search on the website (www.classenalumns.com) and search for someone in the class of 1975 that you think would know something about your class. There’s none of us on the board from that class so we know nothing about it.

      Joe Morgan – Webmaster

  20. I like the site, seems a good way to touch base and keep up on people and goings on. I was part of the class of 61 and 62 so if there is anything happening this summer someone let me know.

    1. The “Join Us” page here (part of the “Membership” menu drop-down) has the address, on either of the two forms it provides, or you can contact our executive secretary, Ginny Hensley, at 405-787-2461. If you click one of the links on the “Join Us” page, it will download a copy of the subscription form to your computer, where you can view it or print it. We use the same form for new members and for renewals, which may be a bit confusing.

  21. Is there a source for Classen Comet t-shirts or sweatshirts or tote bags, etc? I’ve never had one, except for my heavy wool Comes sweater, which is long gone. I’d also like to have something similar for OCU–just “Oklahoma City University” in blue and white, with no team names. Contact me at my e-mail address if you know of any such. (I do search eBay periodically.)

  22. I’m looking for a photo of my mother in law to use in my daughters wedding. June Donnelley was a 1941 graduate.

    The photo I’m looking for is June on a staircase wearing a 1940’s style dancing gown. The caption is Hellhounds Sweetheart. Wondering if this might have been from school related to the war effort, a club maybe. Perhaps one of her classmates was also in it?

  23. Did anyone know a Betty McMasters? She should have graduated in 1950-51. Her older sisters were Jean and Joanne, both deceased. Joanne’ son is looking for this Aunt.

  24. Mr. Jim; I think keeping the system the old fashion way (pay by check or money order in the mail) is the best way to continue. The seasoned Comets has a valid reason for being afraid of being taking advantage of. If the committee feels having an online bill pay plan will not pay for itself on a monthly basis it is not worth having. I also have a suggestion of what to do with the left over magazines. Give those out complimentary and people will be reminded to join. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  25. Hey we were looking to see if Dean Walker went to Classen High.. He would have graduated in the 40-41any help would be appreciated.

  26. I would very much like to look at yearbook from the 1968-69 school year. Please let me know if there is one in the museum library or if anyone has one that I could see.

      1. Thank you Jim. Can you let me know what days and hours the Museum is open?
        I appreciate your help so much.

  27. Great to hear of someone that has graduated from Classen High in 1972 as I did. This was a great year for the comets.

    1. 50th Reunion of the Class of 1966:

      June 17th Dinner at West Restaurant in Bricktown 6:30
      cost for the dinner $48.00 a ticket
      June 18th Casual party at Tommy Adlers
      Options: Golf on Friday contact James McQuagge
      Painting (2hrs) $25.00 and snacks
      Lunch at Johnnies Sat email ; Jamie Pitts

    2. Hi I am looking for Dennis Jones, he would have graduated around 66. If you know anything please email. Thanks!!

  28. Hi, I have a Classen High School Diploma of John P. Stewart 1928 that is in very good shape & still in the brown envelope with his name on the front of it.

    Also a nice medical allert bracelet That has John P. Stewart Jr.s name on it with the address of 4612 Cliff Rose Dr.
    Oklahoma City, Ok. 755-0969

    The phone # is disconnected probably a long time ago. I’m sure some of his family would like to have this.

    email me if you know what I can do with this?

  29. I was at classen high1979 fresman dr s cole i would be of the class of1983 trying to get intouch with class mates

  30. My grandma graduated from in about 1931-32 im trying to find anything or anyone who may remember her or have to do with her … her name then was Hazel Elizabeth Mitchell she married Kyle Eugene Speer

  31. I have a 1965 orbit class book i bought at a estate sale it belonged to John Long, if there is anyone from that class who would like to have it contact me.

    1. I have a classmate that lost his yearbooks in a fire. If you still have it I will try to contact him. He has no internet. Think he is on vacation at this time. John long was in our class 1967.

      1. Wilma,
        Your friend can go to the museum at the school. They have tons of extra yearbooks that they give away from many, many years.

  32. I attended Classen 1939-1942 and have three small songbooks which I will donate if there is any interest.

    1. 4.5″ x 3.5″, incomplete according to page numbers, unmarked
    2. 5″ x 3.5″, beige cover, “Classen High School”
    3. 4.5″ x 3.5″, yellow cover, incomplete according to page numbers, “Classen Song Book 1940-41”

    Please advise.

    1. My mother attended Classen High School the same time as you. I have her year book and was wondering if you might remember her. Her name was Virginia Malone and she had a younger sister Patrica (Patty) Malone.
      I would like to donate her year book to the Alumni Assoc if they are interested. She graduated the class of 1941

      1. Hello David Atwater. My mother graduated the same year as your mother. I just found her 1941 yearbook. Many people signed their pictures in my mother’s yearbook, but unfortunately, your mother wasn’t one of them.

      2. I’m doing historical research on an OKC writer – Ross E Thomas. He lived close to Classen and probably attended high school there from 1938 (or 39) to
        1943. I know he was 18 in 1943 and lived on NW 38th. Would those folks who have a yearbook mind checking to see if he attended Classen during that time period, and if so, provide me with any information in the yearbook?
        Thanks so much.
        Patti Everitt
        Austin, TX

    2. Hello Connie Andruss. My mother graduated from Classen High School in 1941, which was one year before you. I have her 1941 yearbook and her commencement program was with her yearbook. This was such a find for me. Wondering if anyone remembers my mother. Her name was Isabelle Joyce Elmore. I also came across some of her old textbooks.

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