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News Update 2 -- 24 Feb 2018

I learned yesterday that the records backlog has now been cleared, and postings are current. Our next step will be to create a list of the new members, and those who renewed but were not paid up for the November issue, and get their copies of the February NCL into the mail to them. Everyone who was paid up for November should have received their (very late) February issue by now. If you didn't, contact us immediately, please!

Things are highly confused here in OKC at the moment, and here's why:

This past December 15, our long-time executive secretary Ginny Hensley, who maintained all the membership and subscription records, fell and broke her hip. She appeared to be recovering well, but five days later she died unexpectedly -- and though she was in the process of training someone to take over should she become unable to continue, she had just begun doing so.

To make matters worse, the association's computer that contains all the membership records failed during its move from Ginny's office, and could not be repaired. It had to be replaced. Fortunately, the records survived and are now in place on the new computer -- but they are still more than two months out of date, as we continue to search for someone able and willing to take over Ginny's duties.

Meanwhile, no new memberships have been entered, nor have renewals received since December 15 been posted. The February issue of the NCL is very late but is now at the printer. Because of the incompleteness of the membership database, the mailing service has been instructed to use the address list from the previous issue -- but new members will still receive their copy as soon as we can get the records up to date.

For several years, it's been association policy to send renewal notices out during the first week of February, to all members whose dues had not been posted by the end of January. Apparently the mailing service simply used the November address list, since nobody was able to provide them a list of those needing the reminder! I myself received one; they're simply to be ignored when you already took care of things.

Adding to the problems, the wife of webmaster Joe Morgan '55 also died earlier this month, so he hasn't been able to post all this here.

Please accept our apologies for the confusion, and be patient as we work our way through these problems. Thank you!

Jim Kyle '48
Editor, The New Classen Life
Assistant Webmaster